A simple question with a not-so-simple answer, the tourist fridge magnet craze has been an ongoing phenomenon that spans the world. No matter where you go or what gift shop you enter, there are always souvenir magnets lining the shelves and calling out to prospective buyers. What’s the appeal though? Why are they such a hot commodity and what makes them so special?

Tourism Merchandise

Magnets are a simple solution for many gift shops because they are small, cheap, and often times a guaranteed sale. Their size makes stacking shelves easy and allows many different styles to be put on display. They have a convenient price point, so you don’t break the bank and their unique designs stand out against the other gift shop noise. People won’t turn their nose up at buying a magnet if the quality is high enough. Something about the wide variety of high-quality souvenir magnets in front of someone makes them drawn to purchase one. Fridge magnets have multiple uses as a way to stick important notes and photos to a fridge or any other metallic surface in a home. They also serve as a reminder of a place someone has visited. A flexible, custom magnet can brighten a room and invite conversation or stimulate memories. It’s a cost-effective way of remembering a vacation and crystalizing the experience.


Making Memories

“How was your trip?” A friend points to the magnet on your fridge, which displays an artistic rendition of your recent trip to another state. Memories spring to life as soon as the topic is broached and soon you are revisiting all the exciting places you went and sights you saw. Your friend wistfully wishes they could visit one day as well, to which you respond by pointing again to the magnet and explaining how you got it and why. It’s a simple exchange, but one that people love to have. Everyone enjoys talking about their experiences when they travel and recommending new and exciting places to go. A tourist souvenir fridge magnet invites conversation and questions and prompts memories and stories about your trip.

Home Decor

Someone who collects magnets is known as a memomagnetist. In the same vein as the above point, magnets serve as more than just a memory. They are also a collection of experiences and sights for people to show one another. Since they are usually a low price point item, choosing to buy one is an easy impulse buy to justify, especially if it’s to add to an already-established collection. Magnet collecting is a hobby that brings people joy. Magnets brighten a room and hold pictures, notes, and more in place. They inspire emotion and memories of past travels. Travel souvenir magnets have more impact on a person than you might think, making them an important purchase that many people won’t hesitate to make.

Create Custom Magnets with Ideaman!

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