Effective outreach revolves around the tools you use. If you need a fun and compelling resource to help create and spread awareness about a business, promotional magnets are your perfect option for a myriad of reasons.

Features and Benefits of Business Magnets

A custom advertising magnet is much more than just a knick knack used to take up space on a refrigerator or filing cabinet. When designed effectively, Ideaman Classic Magnets can play a vital role in a company’s outreach strategy. Here are some of the main things your business can take advantage of when investing in magnet promotion:

1. Personalization

The most effective magnets are personalized magnets. When designing a custom business magnet, you get endless opportunities to express your creative freedom. Not only that, but our in-house art department will create your artwork for free! You can print virtually any message, logo, design, or image. And, there are various styling options to help complement that content. Take advantage of a versatile collection of size, shape, and color schemes.

2. Durability

Custom magnets won’t lose their touch like other tangible advertising platforms. They won’t fade or tear like business cards, posters, and signs. These long-lasting solutions won’t have to put up a fight with rain, weathering, and other harmful external elements. The tough rubber material is engineered to hold up for years of service, adding years of value and recognition to your investment and company.

3. High Visibility

Improving name recognition is easy when your magnets are strategically placed in the right location. That’s why it’s important to have your magnets displayed in high-traffic settings like theme-parked gift shops, souvenir settings, breweries, and zoos. Ideaman makes this simple for companies. Our experts understand what it takes to get consumers’ eyes glued on your brand. We offer a display rack program for any magnet of any design. The 18-magnet holder is more than just an ordinary display rack. It’s a professionally-engineered solution designed exclusively for the busiest storefront settings. Using this platform to hold your inventory can help turn any magnet into a highly desirable product.


4. Functionality & Long-Term Value

It’s very rare if an Ideaman Classic Magnet business magnet makes its way into the trash can–magnets have functionality. Whether you’re promoting a marketing tagline or showcasing your custom logo, magnets will definitely hold their weight (pun intended.) The durable, high-quality material and sleek design make them desirable to consumers. By taking advantage of this tool, you’ll be able to promote indefinite messaging about your business on a timeless display.

5. Simplified Distribution

No company should have to put up with disruptions in the supply chain. Depending on the product, the distribution could be a nightmare. Fulfilling orders with the appropriate packaging is usually a huge challenge, except when delivering magnets! They’re lightweight, unbreakable, and can be mailed along with letters, statements, or other correspondence. Don’t break the bank on expensive marketing tactics.

Advertising That Sticks

When you’re ready to take advantage of top-quality magnet features, Ideaman will have the perfect solution for you. Our experts specialize in everything from business card magnets to special event magnets. All of our designs are printed in full-color and high-quality images. Whether you own a real estate business, service company, restaurant, or work in the marketing division of an established corporation, we have the tools to help you build your empire. When we’re in your corner, expect superior customer service, flawless products, and long-term peace of mind.

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