The worst part about vacations are when they end. It’s never a good time when you have to say goodbye to your getaway destination, but a fun souvenir can help cheer you up! But what are some of the best gifts to commemorate your trip? Ideaman Classic Magnets are always a solid option that’s bound to make your message stick!

No matter what gift shop you go to, chances are magnets will be one of the best-sellers in that store. In this blog, we’ll talk about the designs that are causing the magnets to fly off the shelf for these popular tourist destinations.

Types of Magnet Designs for Souvenir Shops

When you walk into a souvenir shop, you’ll find a dedicated shelf space with a wide array of professionally-designed magnets. Ideaman is known for its popular variety including stock magnets, landmark magnets, and several state magnet options to choose from.

1. Stock State Magnets

If traveling is their passion, a stock state magnet is a perfect gift for your customers. This state-themed merchandise is a fan-favorite with tourists and collectors. Ideaman carries unique designs for all 50 states, the region of Washington, D.C., and various cities within the United States. From flag magnets to decorative map displays, there’s a various assortment of products to showcase where your visitors have been.

2. Landmark Magnets

How was your trip to the Statue of Liberty? What did you like most about the Gateway Arch in St. Louis? What was the Eiffel Tower like in person? Your customers’ trips should be memorable and long-lasting and a landmark magnet can help bring that nostalgic feel into any home. Our team designs fun magnets for many of the popular tourist attractions in the country.

3. Birds & Flower Magnets

A map isn’t the only symbol to represent a state or province. Birds and flowers also boast a memorable representation. Ideaman uses flashy metallic material to complement the colorful illustration of an area’s bird or flower. Pieces from our bird and flower magnets collection serve as a focal point for any fridge or metal appliance.


4. Information Map Magnets

Knowledge is power. It’s always better to know more information than not enough. Magnets are excellent educational platforms in that our information magnets share interesting details and facts about the location your customers visit. Each of these unique magnets features information about the state, its nickname, population, and key milestones. We carry a variety of information magnets for all states and provinces and major cities within the U.S.

Magnets They'll Be Proud to Bring Home

The Ideaman team is continuously working to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our experts design custom souvenir magnets that are perfect for any retail space. From classic state magnets to custom name drop banners, you can count on us to bring your travel souvenir ideas to life. When we print custom souvenirs, logo design is our biggest priority. With us in your corner, expect nothing but flawless imagery and stellar messaging on the highest quality material. Your business will not only stand out, but stand the test of time.

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