Your theme park gift shop merchandise offers one of the most compelling ways to inspire joy in patrons long after they’ve left your park. Thoughtful merchandise not only acts as a reminder of the fun they ad at your park, but also serves as a physical reminder to return again. Custom souvenir magnets are an excellent way to expand your existing theme park gift shop items, and here’s why.

Why Souvenir Magnets?

Park patrons loving being able to purchase souvenir magnets to commemorate their visit. Whether they’re on vacation or just visiting your theme park for the day, a souvenir magnet helps to kindle fond memories of your park. They also make ideal gifts to take back home and give to friends and family. And that’s not all. Souvenir magnets can serve a practical purpose by holding notes, paper, and mail to the refrigerator and other metal surfaces.


Theme Park Souvenir Magnets for Collectors

Collecting magnets has also become a hobby for many people as they travel and visit new theme parks. With a wide range of high-quality, custom souvenir magnets, you can be sure your gift shop will offer a magnet that will match their specific tastes and preferences, so they’ll be happy to add your theme park’s magnet to their collection. That way, they’ll be sure to go home with a story and a magnet to remember it by.

Simplify Gift Shop Wholesale Purchases

Custom souvenir magnets offer an excellent option for theme parks looking for ways to streamline gift shop inventory. Magnets take up little space for storage, and when you partner with a reliable souvenir supplier like Ideaman, we can offer quick turnaround times so you never run out of magnets. Plus, we work with you to nail down your design ideas and turn them into magnets that exceed both your expectations and the expectations of park patrons.

Create Custom Magnets with Ideaman!

Are you searching for the right theme park park souvenir supplier? Ideaman is the design and production partner you’ve been looking for. We design and produce all of our souvenir magnets at our in-house facility, so we can deliver accountability, transparency, and cost-effective products like no other supplier in the industry. Get in touch with our team to get started on creating your custom theme park gift shop souvenir magnets today!

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