Souvenirs define your business, but how can you get your hands on enough to pack the shelves? There are various options available to you, but the one that stands out is wholesale. Wholesale gives you access to a variety of high-quality souvenir magnets in bulk for an attractive price point. When you want to get the most bang for your buck, wholesale is the ideal route. What exactly is wholesale though, and why should it matter to you?

Price Point

First and foremost, you are trying to make a profit while selling high-quality magnets. This means you need a customized souvenir supplier that can get you a large shipment of magnets quickly, efficiently, and at a decent price point. Wholesale gives you this option with bulk shipments at a lower price than conventional orders. It makes you the middleman, but better. 

For example, people are looking to buy souvenir magnets, but to buy directly would be expensive because the product would be a singular custom order. These custom magnets can be bought by you instead, but to get a similar product, you would need to make a custom order and order enough for consistent sales. The wholesaler creates a massive order of magnets, but because the order is so large, the production costs less than the materials used. These will then be sold to you at a reduced price in bulk and you will then sell them to the people who were hoping to purchase them in the first place.



Wholesale isn’t only the cheaper alternative to orders, but it also keeps you well-stocked. Having personalized magnets on-hand keeps customers happy, but what happens when they run out? Wholesale allows custom magnets to be sold in bulk to suppliers who need it and have the storage capacity and sales capability to hold these magnets and keep them flying off the shelves. If you have somewhere to house 600+ souvenir magnets and think you will be able to keep their sales up and running, then wholesale is the avenue for you.

Reduced Contact Points

Another benefit to wholesale is the reduced points of contact during the order and shipment process. Wholesale suppliers not only have access to a wider shipping area, but they are also the main point of contact for all of your transactions. They provide the products and the means of distribution, meaning you don’t need to be in contact with a third party to see your shipment of souvenirs come in on time. This makes the process of getting products easier and quicker than standard methods while also saving you money.

Create Custom Magnets with Ideaman!

Ideaman, Inc. offers custom souvenirs at wholesale value and distribution. If you’re in the market for full-color, flexible souvenir magnets, Ideaman is the chief expert. We are proud to provide U.S.-made magnets to all of our clients and are able to create custom flexible souvenir magnets for any business, event, or shop. No matter what type of magnet you want to put on display, we will deliver a wholesale souvenir magnet that is guaranteed to impress.

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