Powell’s Books Magnet

Ideaman developed a series of custom fridge magnets for Powell’s Books. Located in Portland, OR, Powell’s is the largest independent bookstore in the United States.

The first magnet has a retro aesthetic, featuring the sun design that can be found on other Powell’s Books souvenirs. According to the website, the design brings them back to summer camp in the ’70s, where they could “find a soft patch of grass under the sun, and read like crazy.”

The second magnet is of an illustration of an owl perched atop two books. Besides the easy rhyme, an owl is an appropriate choice since they are commonly associated with Athena, the Ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and courage.

The last magnet is a little outside-the-box. The magnet plays on tagline of Powell’s City of Books,”The Legendary Independent Bookstore”, and connects it with a design more typically seen with racehorses.

About Powell’s Books

Powell’s Books is a chain of bookstores in Portland. As one of the city’s top tourist spots, the headquarters, Powell’s City of Books, is said to be the world’s largest independent new and used bookstore.

The City of Books is Powell’s biggest draw and biggest store location. The bookstore sits on an entire city block and is home to roughly one million books.

Since 1971, Powell’s has grown substantially from a bookstore to one of Portland’s top attractions. In addition to selling new and used books, the store hosts hundreds of author events each year, as well as writing workshops, book clubs, children storytimes and more.

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