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Nigeria National Arts Theatre Magnets

National Arts Theatre Magnet National Arts Theatre Magnet National Arts Theatre Magnet

Magnets are a popular souvenir internationally and it's no surprise that, across the globe, people love Ideaman's American-made magnets most of all.

Next time you find yourself in Nigeria, be sure to swing by the National Arts Theatre in Lagos State and keep an eye out for our magnets.

Ideaman's first magnet is an illustration of the theatre. Built during a militaristic regime, the building's exterior design resembles a military hat.

The traditional African mask has become a cultural emblem of modern Nigeria since FESTAC 77, a major festival held in 1977.

The third magnet is a depiction of a vintage handmade African ragdoll.

About the National Arts Theatre

Located at Iganmu in the heart of Lagos State, the Nigerian National Arts Theatre is a centerpiece of the country's artistic and cultural landscape.

The theatre was constructed in the mid 1970s for the promotion and preservation of art and culture.

With a large-capacity theatre, a collapsible stage, and multiple cinema halls, the National Arts Theatre has hosted many national and international activities, including concerts, dramas, dances, exhibitions, symposiums, and sporting events.

Throughout the 21st century thus far, the theatre has been mired in controversy due to the government's various plans to turn the facility over to private developers. Common rumors involve turning the theatre into a shopping complex or five-star hotel.

Ideaman is ready to bring your unique vision to life too, and help you create a one-of-a-kind custom magnet for your museum or attraction. Contact us today to get started.

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