NASCAR Hall of Fame Magnets

Ideaman developed a number of magnets for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors drivers, crew chiefs, owners, and broadcasters who have made significant contributions to one of America’s favorite sports.

The first magnet produced was in the shape of North Carolina, home of the Hall of Fame. Charlotte was chosen as the location of the venue due to the history of racing in and the huge number of famous drivers from the state. The area, which includes nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway, is referred to “NASCAR Valley”, with 70+% of motorsports employees located there.

Ideaman also created a magnet with the phrase: “Before There Was Speed, There Was Shine.” The magnet refers to NASCAR’s history and how moonshine bootleggers helped give rise to the sport. During Prohibition, runners would drive in cars that were seemingly ordinary, but under the hood they were anything but. When Prohibition ended, the runners used the souped-up cars to race and NASCAR was born.

The final magnet is features an illustration of the NASCAR Hall of Fame complex. The Hall of Fame is only one part of the complex, which also includes the Crown Ballroom, a 100,000+ square foot expansion; the NASCAR Plaza Office Tower, a 19-story office building primarily hosting NASCAR and NASCAR Productions; and the NASCAR Hall of Fame Parking Garage.

About the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Located in Charlotte, NC, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is a top destination for both fans and non-fans of the sport since it was opened in May 2010.

The high-tech venue is home to historical artifacts, hands-on exhibits, a state-of-the-art theater, a restaurant, a broadcast studio and more. A fan-favorite and focal point of most visits is Glory Road, a banked ramp to the second floor that showcases historic cars and tracks.

Currently, 45 individuals have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. There have been 32 drivers, five owners, four promoters, and three crew chiefs given the prestigious honor.

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Nascar Hall of Fame magnets