Located in Florida’s Adventure Coast and home to over 60 acres of vintage automotive-themed property, Lead Foot City is THE place for all things automotive. Known for being the very first automobile-based multi-purpose entertainment complex in the United States, Lead Foot City is a unique and memorable corporate, social, and motorsports venue for high-octane entertainment. This tire-screeching attraction will give your friends, or clients, a one-of-a-kind experience.

How It Started

Down in Orlando, Florida, Ideaman’s creative director met with a representative from Lead Foot City at the a large international amusement and attractions expo. After discussing the magnets, it was settled that two magnet designs were going to be made: The iconic “Lead Foot City” logo and an entirely original custom design that Ideaman’s art department would develop. We were excited to showcase such a fun, unique, and downright cool business with our 3D-molded magnets.

The Design Process

When developing the magnet designs, first concept was a straightforward reproduction of the Lead Foot City Logo. The big challenge we were faced with was coming up with the second design – something unique to the business that is also effective as a souvenir and promotional tool. To give their customers something that represented the emotion of the park, we combined their branded text with exciting illustrations of hot rod cars, a muscle-packed engine, and checkered flags. With our bright and metallic colored foils and our unique 3D molded edges, we were sure that the design we came up with was going to WOW them! If you are ever down near Brooksville, Florida (north of Tampa) be sure to visit Lead Foot City and look for these “Hot” souvenir magnets!


America's #1 Molded Magnet

At Ideaman, we take pride in being the last operating molded magnet suppliers in the nation. Known for our vintage and “three-dimensional” refrigerator magnets, Ideaman and its consumer company, Classic Magnets, are proudly making the magnets right here in the USA. Known for its “raised” molded design, custom designs, and flexible and durable material, this is a great addition to your online store!

Ready to order? This is the fun part. Head to our quote page to request a free estimate for your order, send us an email at info@ideamaninc.com, or call our customer service at 1-800-205-4332 and we’ll get started. 

Step 1. Choose the series that best suits you.

Step 2. Select the designs that fit your needs.

Step 3. Provide us with the wording you want on the magnet.

We’ll discuss minimum order requirements and give you a quote in minutes.

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