Whether you operate a gift shop, a visitor’s center, or a state landmark, there’s no better way to appeal to visitors and residents than with US state-shaped magnets

Many magnet collectors strive to add 50 state souvenir magnets to their collection, and you can help them get one step closer by selling high-quality, custom souvenir magnets at your shop. You may be wondering, So, what’s the big appeal to tourists? Ideaman has the answer.

US State Magnets Are a Timeless Collectible

There’s nothing more nostalgic in the travel gift and souvenir market than US state-shaped magnets. They make great collector’s items and make for a simple, easily-transportable gift for tourists to take back home and give to their family and friends. State magnets offer an ideal way to reflect the highlights of your state, including:

  • State values and motto
  • State symbols and facts
  • State attractions and landmarks
  • State humor and jokes
  • Important historical figures
  • Geographical features

US state magnets also serve as a lasting token of the fun tourists had when visiting your state and a reminder to return again.


Souvenir Fridge Magnets of USA States

US state magnets make practical refrigerator magnets for holding notes, mail, and recipes while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your state. They serve as a conversation starter, advertising, and a unique souvenir all in one.

US State Magnets from Ideaman

Not sure where to start with designing your US state magnets? Fortunately, Ideaman has you covered. Browse our extensive collection of pre-designed US state-shaped magnets. The more you buy, the more you save! You’re free to purchase magnets for one specific state, just the states in your region, or you can even carry all 50 states in your gift shop.

Ask These Important Questions

Do you have another idea that you don’t see in our 50-state souvenir magnet catalog? Our design team is happy to work with your ideas to turn them into a customized souvenir fridge magnet for any USA state. Here are some brainstorming questions to get you started:

What symbols best represent your state? Think maple syrup for Vermont. North Dakota and bison. Maybe the part of the state where your shop is located has a unique symbol you want to highlight.

What does your state offer that others don’t? Washington, D.C., is home to the White House. North Carolina has the Biltmore Estate—the largest private residence in the United States. Nevada has Las Vegas. What’s unique to your state?

What would encourage tourists to return? Maybe your state specializes in unique cuisine that you can’t find anywhere else in the US. Perhaps a state park offers an iconic view that visitors will never forget. A magnet is a perfect souvenir and will remind them to return.



Create Custom Magnets with Ideaman!

Are you searching for the right souvenir supplier? Ideaman is the design and production partner you’ve been looking for. We design and produce all of our souvenir magnets at our in-house facility, so we can deliver accountability, transparency, and cost-effective products like no other supplier in the industry. Get in touch with our team to get started on creating your custom souvenir magnets today!

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