Free Custom Artwork

Whether you’re looking for a revamp of your current design or want something completely brand-new, our talented design team will get you a totally custom and unique magnet design for your business at no cost to you.

Free Custom Artwork

Ideaman has a rich history in creating the most unique, imaginative and high-quality magnets in the industry thanks to the talent of our top-tier art department and the experience and skills of our production team.

Mock Simulation

We want to remove all of the mystery from the process of approving your custom magnet artwork, so we have developed a 3D simulation that will show you exactly what your magnet will look like, giving you the confidence necessary to approve your design.

Tooling & Set Up

In order to create an original custom 3D magnet, we have to cut a brass mold and etch copper stamping dies for each color in the design. This one-time process does require a set-up charge, but we offset this cost with free merchandise.

Why Ideaman Custom Magnets

  • Flexible, Rubberized, 3D Material
  • Long-Lasting Exposure
  • Free Artwork + Virtual Magnet Simulation, Tooling & Set-Up
  • Display Program – shop displays for your magnets!
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Delivery in 21 Business Days
  • Low Minimums & Great Profit Margin