The term “high-quality magnets” is used in many different industries that hold magnets in high regard. Everyone who manufactures magnets claims they’re made from the best materials, under the best conditions, and with the best features—but what truly makes a magnet stand out? If you’ve never taken the time to consider what makes an ordinary magnet extraordinary, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

3D Magnets

Magnets with 3D molding have a distinct look that stands out from the other magnets on the shelf. While there are many types of fridge magnets—from ceramic magnets to magnet strips—3D, flexible magnets are in a bracket all their own. With raised edges and distinctive colors, these magnets grab attention from across the room and entice people as an easy impulse buy. 3D-molding techniques help to create a product that is bold, raised, resistant, and rubberized. The 3D effect helps the magnet to stand out, especially when customized to your standards.


High-Class Art

You’ve probably never pictured magnets as a piece of art, but when done correctly, they stand on their own. The design of a high-quality magnet should separate it from the rest. If you walked into someone’s kitchen and saw a magnet on their fridge, which type of magnet would stand out to you? A traditional flat magnet depicting the Grand Canyon, or a raised, rubberized depiction of the sun rising just above the ridge of the Grand Canyon? Both show a similar scene, but one has more draw than the other. Traditional magnets are generally low quality, not just in materials but also in their art design. Bold colors, customized designs, and 3D-molding make for a magnet that has a unique draw all its own.

Materials Used

Flimsy magnets don’t hold up long under pressure. Whether they tear, lose their magnetism, or the colors begin to fade, there are plenty of signs to show that your magnet is on its way out. Ensuring that it not only sticks to metal surfaces but also does so indefinitely is the sign of a high-quality magnet. The rubberized material used in the 3D molding make magnets much more resilient than standard magnets because they include magnetic materials that keep your magnets sticking to your fridge for years to come. A high-quality magnet is something you can see and feel. Don’t settle for less when you could have the best. 

Create Custom Magnets with Ideaman!

Ideaman prides itself as the only company to provide U.S.-made magnets in the world. Our solutions provide the highest-caliber magnets you could imagine, punctuated by excellent service. We take your designs, regardless of how fleshed out they are, and turn them into incredible magnets that jump off the shelf. As a premier 3D fridge magnet supplier, Ideaman has everything you could ever want in a souvenir magnet with all the convenience you could ask for.

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