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When you think of a tourist attraction souvenir, what comes to mind? Key chains, trinkets, baubles—something to remember the experience by? A trip to your destination should be memorable and have a souvenir that grabs tourists’ attention, adding to their already great experience. Ideaman, Inc. offers you custom souvenir magnets for your tourist attraction, bringing the benefits of our perfected process directly to you so that your visitors come away with lasting memories.

Amazing Souvenirs, Wholesale Value

Ideaman, Inc. has perfected the molded magnet process to such a degree that we are the last U.S.-based magnet supplier left. Molded magnets are the ideal memento to draw in consumers, leaving them with a tangible memory that sticks on their fridge and reminds them of the time they spent at your attraction. You need magnets that can stand the test of time while making a lasting impression on everyone who sees and purchases them. Our souvenir magnets provide all you need to set your gift shop up for success.

Next-Level Souvenir Magnets

Custom Design

For more than 20 years, we have been producing this special style of magnet — start to finish — in our facility in Missouri. We are proud to be the only manufacturer of this popular type of refrigerator magnet in the U.S.A.

Cost Effective

Whether you want to sell a promotional gift or a lasting memory, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to bring products to your shelves. With our low minimums and competitive pricing, you’ll never come out in the negative. With Ideaman as your magnet supplier, souvenir sales will flourish as people take notice of the magnets on display that they can’t get anywhere but from you.

American Made

For more than 20 years, we have been producing this special style of molded magnets from start to finish in our facility in Missouri. We are proud to be the sole manufacturer of this popular type of fridge magnet in the U.S. Save on overseas shipping and the hassle that comes with it by purchasing your souvenir magnets through Ideaman, Inc.

Unique Magnets, Eye-Catching Souvenirs

You have a vision about the success of your tourist attraction. You want people to remember their trip in the best way possible—with something that catches their eye and sticks with them long after their visit. Our souvenir magnets can provide exactly what your visitors are looking for when they are leaving your attraction. And when their guests see the personalized designs and attention to detail that we put into every project, they are sure to want to visit your attraction too.

If you need a souvenir that keeps people coming back, contact Ideaman today for a free quote. Let’s really put you on the map.

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Custom Souvenir Magnets


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