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Custom Magnet Design

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Magnet Art

Promotional pieces for your business should be bold, eye-catching, and tailored to what you know will make your shop stand out. You need custom designs that people want to buy. If a magnet is nice enough, people will justify an impulse buy for the sake of memories and nostalgia.

High-quality fridge magnets that tick every box on your list can be hard to find, but Ideaman, Inc. has the solutions you need. Our 3D molded rubber magnets are the best in the business, and we are the sole U.S.-based provider after 25 years of business. We take custom magnets to the next level with unique designs that are based on your ideas and vision, fleshing them out to create something spectacular. Our art is fresh and tailored to each customer, so no two magnets are the same. With the addition of 3D molding, your magnets will practically pop off the shelf.

Magnets From Artwork

Creating a unique design for your shop or event is easier than you might realize at first. To get started, you provide us with an outline of what you would like the magnet to look like. This can be anything from a fully fleshed-out picture to just a few descriptors. Then we take the design process in-house and create a template based on your specifications.

Once we have the idea down, we create a 3D computer generated model to show you what the final product will look like. Using our design team and their specialized design tools is a completely free service that we provide for you to help take the stress out of the creation process. Our design templates are flexible, so we can create molds and magnets for any design that you or we can dream up. The sky’s the limit when it comes to magnets.

Designer Magnets

Some companies talk about custom printing their magnets, but what we do goes well beyond printing. Our process is much more engaging than simply printing magnets; it provides magnets that couldn’t possibly be printed. With our 3D molding techniques, you get a product that is raised, resistant, rubberized, and bold. The colors pop off the magnet, the ridges give it texture, the design is fit to your standards. Souvenir refrigerator magnets are a staple for any gift shop in the U.S., and Ideaman, Inc. has perfected the magnet design techniques to give you a product that stands above other conventional magnets.

If you are looking for top-quality designs and art for your next shipment of souvenir magnets, Ideaman, Inc. has all the tools necessary to provide you with the magnets you’re looking for. Contact us today for a free quote and start discovering just how amazing magnets can really get.

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