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Boulevard Brewing Co. Magnets

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Ideaman, Inc. developed six custom magnets for Boulevard Brewing Company, one of the largest craft breweries in the country.

The first magnet is of the companies logo - a stylish and sleek black badge. Two circle magnets were created featuring images of Boulevard's iconic smokestack, a Kansas City landmark. Ideaman then created a series of colorful magnets featuring the logos of four of the brewery's most renowned beers: bestselling Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat, Boulevard Pale Ale, 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat, and Single-Wide IPA.

The magnets were a hit from the start, quickly becoming a favorite of beer lovers and tourists visiting the brewery for a free tour. When placed near the register in the gift shop, the magnets found success as impulse buys for people waiting in line.

About Boulevard Brewing

Based out of Kansas City, Boulevard is the largest craft brewery in Missouri and top 15 largest in the country.

The brewery opened in 1989 by John MacDonald who had the desire to replicate the wide variety of delicious beer he tasted on a trip to Europe. In the United States, the brewing industry still struggled from the after-effects of Prohibition and most of the readily available beer was bland, light lagers.

Today, Boulevard is known for its innovation and wide selection of bold beers, as well as its eco-friendly, zero-landfill manufacturing.

Ideaman is proud to collaborate with Boulevard. Just as John MacDonald sought to create something unique and give beer drinkers a better option on tap, we've been dedicated to giving our customers a better, more dynamic magnet than the flat and forgettable, made-in-China magnets.

Ideaman is ready to bring your unique vision to life too and help you create a unique custom magnet. Contact us today to get started.

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Boulevard Brewing Magnets