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No Flat Magnets

The Only 3D Molded Magnet Manufacturer in America

Theme parks Magnets

Spotlight on Theme Park Magnets

Explore a selection of the custom magnets Ideaman has created for some of the biggest theme parks across the United States.

Farm Magnets

Farm and Agri-Tourism Magnets

Farms need souvenirs, too! Especially agri-tourism and entertainment farms that are open to the public, with gift shops and online stores.

Thermometer Magnets

Thermometer Magnets

Did you know...Ideaman can add thermometers to our custom 3D molded magnet designs. Check it out!

Text Magnets

Nigeria National Arts Theatre

It's no surprise that people across the globe love Ideaman's Classic Magnets! Check out the ones we made for this Nigerian cultural icon.

Text Magnets

3D Magnets With Text

Make your message come out loud and clear by adding 3D text blocks to your fridge magnets. Perfect for combining fun facts, maps, recipes, and more, with your custom graphics.

Two Roads Magnets

Two Roads Brewing Magnets

Two Roads Brewing Company is one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the US. Ideaman was excited to develop a series of magnets that encapsulated the brands unique style.

Powell's Books Magnets

Powell's Books Magnets

Based out of Portland, OR, Powell's Books is a chain of bookstores and is the largest independent bookstore in the world.

NASCAR HoF Magnets

NASCAR Hall of Fame Magnets

Ideaman developed magnets for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a popular venue for one of America's most popular sports.

Dr pepper Magnets

Dr Pepper Museum Magnets

Dr Pepper is the oldest running soft drink in the United States, and Ideaman was happy to put together a series of magnets for the nonprofit museum dedicated to the brand.

Creepyworld Magnets

Creepyworld and The Darkness Magnets

Ideaman is located near the world's Halloween attraction headquarters, St. Louis. In 2018, we developed magnets for Creepyworld and The Darkness, two of the largest and oldest screamparks in the US.


Boulevard Brewing Co. Magnets

Ideaman, Inc. developed six custom magnets for Boulevard Brewing Company, one of the largest craft breweries in the country.

Shasta Lake Magnets

Shasta Lake Magnets

Ideaman developed a number of custom magnets for Shasta Lake, a popular tourist destination in California. The magnets have continued to be a popular souvenir item for area residents and vacationers alike.

About the Blog

Ideaman Inc. has created custom magnets with companies, both big and small, across the country. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the projects, as well as a look at what goes into making our one-of-a-kind magnets.

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