As Seen On TV Custom Magnets

Every once in a while, one of our magnets gets a taste of limelight by making a cameo in a movie or TV show. No matter what the project, we can’t help but get excited every time it happens. Take a look below to see how our souvenir and custom magnets have popped up in popular Prime Time football drama, as well as a paranormal docuseries.

Trinkets (Netflix)

Based on the 2013 novel “Trinkets” by Kirsten Smith, this is an American teen drama series where a grieving teen finds an unexpected connection with two new classmates at her new school when they all somehow end up in the Shoplifters Anonymous Group. In this scene, the main character finds herself drawn to some of our souvenir magnets in a highway convenience store.

Yellowstone (Amazon Prime)

“Yellowstone” is about a ranching family that lives in Montana that faces off against others who are encroaching on their land. Watch Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes learn what it means to be a cowboy. Check out this scene in one of the episodes where an array of our MONTANA magnets can be seen!

Friday Night Lights (NBC)

Friday Night Lights is an award-winning drama series centered around the people of a small Texas town where football reigns supreme. Eagle-eyed viewers will find one of our Texas Montage Magnets on the fridge of head coach protagonist, Eric Taylor. 

Seinfeld (NBC)

Back in the 90s, an Ideaman magnet graced the fridge in one of the most popular sitcoms ever made, Seinfeld. That’s a testament to how long we’ve been perfecting our 3D custom magnets.

Catfish (MTV)

Catfish: The TV Show is a reality-based show on MTV that focuses on people who have developed relationships online and the surprises that may arise when they meet in person for the first time. In this video, the host pulls a Georgia State Jumbo Magnet off the rack and shows it to the camera.

The Book of Love

The Book of Love, starring Jason Sudeikis (SNL) and Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), tells the story of a widow who fulfills a promise he made to his late wife to help a troubled teen. On Sudeikis’ character’s fridge you’ll find a custom magnet we made featuring a recipe for boiled lobster.

Haunted State (Amazon)

Haunted State Magnet

Haunted State, available on Amazon Prime, follows a team of documentary filmmakers as they investigate paranormal activity in Wisconsin. In the show’s first episode, when the team takes a ferry to Washington Island, the camera captures a custom I Heart Washington Island magnet on the ship’s console. Thanks Kevin Finder for the submission!

"Storm Area 51" Event Coverage (ABC)

In June 2019, a joke Facebook event calling on people to storm Area 51 went viral, racking up millions of interested attendees. Area 51 is a protected government facility in Nevada that is believed to hold all the secrets to extraterrestrial life. Above are screenshots showing our magnets from various news reports discussing the event, which has now been turned into “Alienstock”, an EDM music festival. Thanks Marvin Meyer for the submission!