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The Only 3D Molded Magnet Manufacturer in America

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American-Made Wholesale Products

Founded in 1992 and centrally located in Missouri, Ideaman, Inc. is the only American-owned and operated company specializing in manufacturing custom-designed, molded refrigerator magnets for the souvenir and promotional markets. Our high-quality refrigerator magnets have been perfected over the years so that every one of them is unique in its own way.

We distribute millions of our collectible magnets all over the United States and Canada each year. As an American manufacturing business, we take pride in every project we take on, giving you only the best quality magnets and designs. Finding and working with magnet manufacturers outside the country can be a hassle, so simplify your search with Ideaman, Inc.

American-Made Magnets

Our creation process for souvenir magnets begins and ends with customer satisfaction. We design the magnet in house based on client direction and feedback. Then we 3D render it to give the client a look at the finished product—all for free. We then create the mold and the magnets, shipping them out within 21 days of the creation process.

Our art department is renowned for award-winning original graphics, and our production quality is unmatched in the industry. Every magnet we create is tailored to the client’s vision and is crafted to ensure it stands out on the shelf. We offer low minimum quantities and quick delivery time, resulting in an effective and profitable magnet program for our customers. We strive to set the standard in American-made products, and every project we take on brings us one step closer to that goal.

Souvenir Fridge Magnets USA

We offer a wide variety of magnets to choose from for any business or event that might be taking place. If you are a budding brewery or a nonprofit organization setting up a fundraising event, we can create a custom rubber magnet to fit your needs. Most wholesale suppliers charge more for all the extra work that is put into the process, but we believe that your values come first.

The design process is completely free, we provide rapid delivery services, and we have professional customer service to keep you up to speed and answer any questions you might have during the process. We are proud of our offices, warehouses, and production facilities. And we are especially proud of the talented individuals who help keep this company running day in and day out—many of them have been with us since the beginning. Despite our growth over the years, we never lose sight of the passion we have for providing superior customer service, products, and developing the highest quality USA-made products.

If you are looking for superior souvenir magnet services, contact Ideaman, Inc. today to get a free quote. Make your shelves radiate with the best magnets on the market while also supporting American-made products.

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