We see novelty magnets on fridges thanks to gift shops and events across the country. People come in droves to purchase small memories that they can take home and stick on the fridge for all of their guests to admire and comment on. Our magnets, Classic Magnets, come from a variety of venues, but each type has a different story to tell. There are many different magnets out there, but these four are the ones that stand out the most and leave a lasting impression for years to come.

1. Promotional Magnets

Even multi-million dollar enterprises have promotional collectibles for certain events or holidays. Promotional magnets signify an important point in time for the company with an artistic flair all its own. These generally aren’t something you would find in gift stores and would instead be found at events or in conjunction with other merchandise from that brand. They stick out because of the brand attached to them and have a unique draw because of how recognizable they are.


If a business wants to attract attention, promotional magnets are a simple solution.


2. Attraction Magnets

Theme parks, tourist destinations, and others all have one thing in common: they’re popular tourist attractions. They’re on the map because they have a unique draw unlike anywhere else; whether they are the site of a famous movie, a treasury of information from long ago, or somewhere that people find fascinating, places like these need novelty souvenirs to leave lasting memories. Attraction magnets also serve as a great advertising tool, often being placed in the most popular room of the house: the kitchen! Reach a larger audience when you rely on souvenir gift magnets.

3. Fundraising Magnets

No matter the cause, spreading awareness for a fundraising event is a challenge without getting your hands dirty. However, adding souvenir gifts and novelties to your arsenal of tools makes it much easier to draw a crowd and incentivize participation. Fundraising magnets showcase your ideals and what the fundraiser stands for as a constant reminder on someone’s fridge. A wide audience is waiting to help you reach new heights—all they need is a magnetic pull.

4. Stock Souvenir Magnets

Although they may sound generic, don’t be fooled. Stock magnets have the staying power to box out even the most unique magnet if handled correctly. These magnets appeal to things in general, whether it’s a state, a national park, an idea, or beyond. They aren’t tailored to anything niche or hyper-specific like a brand, a famous home, or a team trying to raise funds, but they have a charm all their own and easily find a place on any shelf that sells magnets. You’ll never go wrong if you use stock magnets to accent your other souvenir magnet offerings. 

Create Custom Magnets with Ideaman!

Ideaman offers these types of magnets and more with our flexible, customizable fridge magnets. Wow the crowd with an offering uniquely your own and keep people thinking about your event or attraction with magnets that draw people in and keep them coming back for more.

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