3D Thermometer Magnets

Looking for a custom-designed souvenir with great margins, lasting value, shows the temperature, AND is a magnet? Look no further than Ideaman.

Our thermometer magnets are just like our typical ones, but with bonus functionality. They’re still custom-designed, 3D rubber molded, and cost-effective. This makes them extremely popular with distibutors and businesses alike.

With our in-house artists, we can easily help you design a magnet that incorporates the thermometer tube into the illustration, or uses it as an added element.

For example, the Death Valley magnet shows the alcohol erupting from the top due the infamous heat. The SciTech magnet blends the thermometer into the laboratory beaker to make it look like its overflowing liquid.

The thermometer magnets are especially great for locations where temperature plays a role in the attraction. As mentioned, Death Valley is known for it’s scorching heat. The Texas magnets play on the state’s high temps, while the Wisconsin beer magnet uses that state’s oft documented cold.

Ideaman is ready to bring your unique vision to life too, and help you create a unique custom magnet for your business or destination. Contact us today to get started.

Thermometer Magnets