3D Magnets With Text

When images aren’t enough, you can trust words on your magnet to spell out your message loud and clear. Due to the nature of Ideaman molded magnets, our clients can be sometimes surprised to learn that we can include chunks of text in their magnet designs.

In reality, our 3D magnets can make text stand out more dynamically than flat magnets, all while still being easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.

These text magnets are popular as informational, map, or recipe magnets. Many businesses also like the option of combining their logo with a sales pitch or marketing message.

Popular Text Magnets

Is there a better location to have a recipe than on a magnet on the fridge? You can spread the recipe of a regional delicacy on a magnet that tourists will hungrily take home. You can put that sacred family recipe on a magnet to give out as a gift at the next family reunion. Obviously, these magnets are perfect for restaurants, because they put their branding right in the kitchen and remind mom and dad that someone else will cook for them.

Informational magnets are a favorite of both distributors and consumers. They are perfect for educating visitors about specific attractions. For example, the Dakota Zoo has a magnet describing Clyde, once the largest Kodiak bear to be held in captivity. Museums love to use info magnets to promote both the museum as a whole and special exhibits.

Our capability to mix intricate illustrations with words has made Ideaman the go-to source for map magnets. As shown with extremely popular stock state map magnets, we often combine geographical shapes – like a U.S. state – with personalized graphics – like a state bird or flower – and text – like capitols, important cities, or state facts.

Ideaman is ready to bring your unique vision to life too, and help you create a unique custom magnet for your business or destination. Contact us today to get started.

3D Text Magnets