Ideaman Inc.
Molded Refrigerator Magnets

Low Minimums and Quick Turn-Around for Custom and Stock Refrigerator & Promotional Molded Magnets

Ideaman Inc. is the premier manufacturer of molded refrigerator magnets, and we have been perfecting the process of designing and manufacturing high-quality molded rubber refrigerator magnets since 1992. We are a U.S. owned and operated company centrally located in Union, Missouri, and currently we are the only company in America that manufactures this unique and popular type of refrigerator magnet.

The molded refrigerator magnet is a powerful advertising tool as well as a popular collectible for the souvenir industry. These fascinating, colorful molded magnets have a tendency to 'stick around', making them the perfect vehicle to insure that your message will be seen. They have also become an obsession for magnet collectors world-wide, making them an easy impulse-buy for your customers.

Here at Ideaman, Inc. we have twenty years of experience perfecting the process for designing and manufacturing the most dynamic molded refrigerator magnets on the market today. Our in-house art staff is waiting for the chance to design an original custom magnet for your business, destination attraction, or souvenir distributorship. Please explore our site and discover all of the opportunities we can offer you with our wonderful, flexible, molded refrigerator magnets!

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